ERUS Energy Review

ERUS Energy Review

This site is not for profit. It is a public service for those considering doing business with Erus Energy for solar products. 

My personal experience with this company is as follows: 

I signed a contract with Erus for solar panels on my house. I was assured that it would be sufficient to at least run my electrical needs in the winter in Arizona. 

The agreement was written up and signed and a few days later I called SRP to notify them of the change in my status that was coming up. When they reviewed the size of my solar system they told me that it would only provide 40% of my annual energy usage and that it would in no way provide me with enough electricity to run my house during any month of the year. 

I then proceeded to cancel my contract with Erus only to find out that they had included in this contract a $4,000.00 cancellation fee that took effect on day 4 after the contract was signed. 

Keep in mind they hadn’t performed any work to date. This extreme fee was designed to motivate me to not exit this contract. 

I contacted a lawyer and several communications went back and forth between my lawyer and Erus. 

The net result was my lawyer telling me to just pay them the $22,000 for the less than adequate solar system they had proposed. 

I decided I would rather pay the penalty of $4,000 than deal with a shady company like this. 

They are still pursuing me for this amount to this day. 

There are far more reputable solar companies out there. This one is not to be trusted in any way. 

Note about reviews from the Better Business Bureau.

For anyone who owns a business you will know that you can buy any gold star rating you want from the BBB. The only way to get a bad review is to not pay the BBB for their advertising services. Once you pay for their program, all bad reviews are “resolved” and go away. So, please don’t be distracted by any reviews from the BBB. 


Caroline Pagette | San Antonio, Texas | 05/19/2021

Search around before getting Solar Panels installed Erus energy destroyed two fuses and a transformer when turning off and on my power, including a ceiling fan. The repairman from Erus took two weeks just to figure out what was wrong with my ceiling fan telling me constantly “I don’t know.” Soon after I notice that my A/C is having issues. The repairman did not even look at the HVAC system when I first mentioned the issues to him and said to me that he even is having HVAC issues himself and doesn’t know what’s wrong with it. Yet he told his company confidently that they were not responsible for the damages. Erus energy told me that it wasn’t physically possible for the power surge that they created to cause damage to my HVAC. Yet, one can simply google it and there are several articles that will state otherwise. Not to mention the written statements by those that repaired my HVAC stating that that was what caused the issues. It has been about 3 months since of calling and waiting. After three months Erus Energy agreed to pay me half of what I had to pay to get my HVAC repaired “just to be nice” BUT only if I sign away liability. I have just been constantly insulted the entire time. Not to mention that they decided to attach their box RIGHT NEXT TO A WINDOW…It looks awful and it will be harder to sell my home like this one day. I have told Erus Energy that, to be fair, if they pay me the $900 that they owe me for getting my HVAC repaired And move the box, then I will take off this negative review and call it a day. Found on: Solar Reviews

Kelly R | Scottsdale, Arizona | 05/17/2021


 Don’t do it!! RUN!! It’s a total scam

I wish I would have read all of these reviews before I was defrauded into entering into $40k loan for a bunch of paperweights on my roof. First of all the install process was an absolute nightmare and after several delays they told me they were out of stock and then I had further delays. Josh Wasielczyk was unprofessional and rude when I tried to cancel my loan contract b/c they weren’t going to be able to get my panels installed by Dec 31 which would have impacted this “amazing tax credit” I was promised. I was threatened with a huge cancelation fee. Then weird all of the sudden the find more panels! If there’s anything I wish I could do now it’s just take the hit on the cancelation fee because now that the panels are finally installed and I’ve received my first bill and on the proposal they provided me when I decided if I was going to purchase the system was $13. What was my ACTUAL bill you ask? $146. So now my total bill for this month is almost $100 per month than what I was paying when I didn’t have solar. DON’T DO IT!! I beg you. Save yourself. I wish I would have, now I’m TRAPPED in a HUGE loan for the next 25 years and wishing I had never met anybody from Erus Energy.


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MARY | Mesilla, New Mexico | 03/04/2020

Erus Energy and Empyrean are the absolute worst company ever. 4 months ago, this company installed the solar panels in the wrong area of my home, defaced the wall entering my home by placing the electrical unit in the wrong area “just to save on cost of upgrade” and has yet to fix any of this mess. I will never recommend this company to anyone ever. They are unprofessional and will not fix the wrongs they have done. Don’t ever sign a contract with this business. They allow you 3 DAYS to cancel the contract without penalty. Then 30 days only if you pay them 1,750 plus extra expenses and all of this without even having the panels installed is what has happened to me. And on top of all of this, the Loan place that financed the panels want their money for a service I have yet to receive, “its all in the contract”. Erus and Empyrean are the absolute worst solar companies to work with. Don’t hire them or even listen to their presentation, they lie. I would rate them at 0 stars, but the site won’t let me do that, so I had to rate them a 1. Found on: Solar Reviews</p

jshaleen | El Paso, Texas | 07/26/2019

DO NOT GO WITH THEM RUN… I live in El Paso TX, and today is July 26, 2019, my system was installed and running by the end of April (44 panels a big system). Since that time the main breaker (250 amp) has tripped 5 times June 10 and 26 and again today July 15, 20, and 21, and takes at least 30 minutes to cool down enough to reset. The first time I just reset the breaker thinking it was just a fluke but when it happened, I called the customer service line and was told I needed to call an electrician at my expense to see why their breaker that they installed was not working properly. I was also told if I wanted them to come out it would cost me $200.00 to fix something, they should have installed correctly the first time. I called an electrician who said that the breaker got too hot because either it had too much of a load (I have a 44 amp system that’s a big system) so probably not the issue, or the breaker was faulty, or the heat from the El Paso sun beating down on it directly at 2PM (100-105), or the system was engineered incorrectly so if it happened again call the company and tell them to come look at their system. July 15, 2019 it happened again and I called again and was told that they would contact the local office here in El Paso TX and someone would contact me in 24-48 hours meanwhile it was 102 and I had no AC and all my electricity was off for about 45 minutes. Later that day Benjamin T. the Project Manager from the Phoenix office called and said someone for the install team would be at my home after 1pm the next day July 16, 2019. I waited and no one came. I am a Sr. PM and I would never treat a client like this, just bad business and if I did, I would be looking for a job very soon.  July 19, 2019, I called to speak with Ben T. and he was not in so I left a message and never heard back. Both July 20 and 21, 2019 the breaker popped again so I called Mr. Taylor again but he was not available so I left a message again with no return call. However, I called back about 2 hours latter and did finally speak o him and was told he would contact the install team and call me back with a date and time for them to come out. Again, here it is July 26, 2019 and I have not heard from or seen anyone for that company about the issue. If it doesn’t get fixed, I will be looking for an attorney to get me out of this BS Contract and have them remove the panels and go back to El Paso Electric. I never had a problem with breakers tripping when they provided my electricity, oh and I still receive a bill from EP Electric each month for $20-$40 dollars so why don’t they just kick in when this system shuts down? Read other complaints here before you buy  starting an ANTI-ERUS campaign in my neighborhood and you should too. Going to put a sign in my yard and around the neighborhood on street corners, parks, etc. that says DO NOT GO WITH ERUS FOR YOUR SOLAR NEEDS THEY DO NOT FOLLOW-UP AFTER INSTALL. My brother closes on a house Found on: Solar Reviews</p

Christopher F.     Albuquerque, NM    6/22/2021

Buyer beware. Erus first sold us a system that was too small for our usage. They even criticized the quotes from other companies saying the other companies were over-selling us.  Everything was delayed. When the work was finally done, they put a hole in my brand new roof. They tried to “fix it” by filling it with silicone. It took weeks to get them to repair it correctly. Later when a microinverter stopped working, it took them two months to replace it. They told me I could not replace it myself as it would void my warranty.Since our original system was too small, we realized we needed to expand the system, as much as it pained me to deal with Erus again, I wanted a single company to do all the work so everything would match. When we asked for the system to be expanded we were told cash only. When I saved up the money they requested, I was told my original quote was no longer valid and we were given a new, more expensive quote. We signed a contract with Erus on 5/26/21 and paid in full. A week later Erus informed me they had changed their minds and that they were voiding the signed contract. If they will disregard a signed contract with us, I would ask yourself “why would they honor a contract with me?”Erus tells me there are many other solar companies in my area and that someone else can expand my system, but no one will touch a system installed by erus. Every company says they will only install a second, totally separate system. They all claim that Erus will refuse to stand by any of their warranties if anyone else touches the system. Coincidentally, it was when I asked about warranties that Erus stopped taking my phone calls. Please do yourself a favor and find a different company, a company is only as good as their word and Erus’ word is garbage. Erus has lied every step of the way, they are in violation of a signed contract, and won’t even take my phone calls. I would strongly recommend avoiding these scammers.


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